Texas Cities Work High Resolution Ads

Quarter-page and half-page ads

Six ads, in both quarter-page (horizontal) and half-page (square) size, are available in both full color and grayscale. Each one depicts common scenes from city life while highlighting a particular city service (a goal in a neighborhood park, a tree-lined street, a policeman, a city dumpster, an employment advertisement for a mayor, and a police vest). The ads are in a high resolution pdf format and are print ready, so they can be used as-is in your local newspaper, city newsletter, a magazine, and so on.

Download (save to your computer) a zip file of camera-ready images.

Quarter-page ads - jpg (5MB)
Quarter-page ads - high-res pdf and jpg(17.3MB)
Half-page ads - jpg (9.3MB)
Half-page ads - high-res pdf and jpg (33.7MB)

You must have a copy of WinZip software installed on your computer to open these files.


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