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  1. DecTTC---spotlight_554x372

    December Texas Town & City

    The December Texas Town & City is ready for you to read. Read on...
  2. EconomicDevelopment_554x372

    Texas Cities Emerge Stronger

    Register for the virtual Economic Development Conference. Read on...
  3. NewlyElected_Virtual---spotlight_554x372

    Congratulations! You won the election! But now what?

    Jump start your term with the TML Newly Elected Officials' Virtual Workshop. Read on...
  4. LegislativeSeries_554x372

    TML Legislative Series

    The 87th Texas Legislature – Stay Informed on the Important Issues for Your Residents and City Additional Info...
  5. TML Marketplace_Spotlight

    Browse the Municipal Marketplace today!

    Discover a mecca of municipal products and resources for your city from the comfort of your workspace. Read on...
  6. 2020 TML Annual Virtual LOGO Spotlight_FINAL_554x372

    Did you miss the TML Annual Conference?

    You can still register and enjoy the full conference experience. Read on...
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