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Texas Town & City Editorial Calendar

January 2023How Cities Work
March 2023Economic Development 
April 2023Texas Tourism
May 2023Innovative City Projects
June 2023Infrastructure 
July 2023
Leadership in Action
August 2023Beautiful Texas Cities
September 2023TML 2023 Annual Conference and Exhibition
November 2023 Community Engagement
December 2023TML Annual Conference Recap

Texas Town & City Editorial Content

Every issue of Texas Town & City features timely content that affects the League’s more than 1,170 member cities.  Our articles are written by city leadership and TML staff, and provide practical examples of innovative projects, solutions to local issues, implementation of laws, and helpful information and resources. 

Articles are used at the discretion of TML editorial staff, and edited for grammar, content, length, and style.  The editorial calendar is subject to change without notice.

For additional information on editorial content, please review our writing guidelines or contact the editorial staff for Texas Town & City.