Posting Guidelines

Guidelines for Posting Events on the Website & Training Calendar

  1. Events posted on the Texas Municipal League (TML) website should be educational and applicable to a city official'’s day-to-day city job function.
  2. Events should be listed no more than two years in advance. If it is a TML event or TML-sponsored affiliate event, there should be an event contract signed, with the date(s) and site(s) confirmed.
  3. Events should be statewide in scope.
  4. There will be a case-by-case review of all outside requests. Final authorization is provided by either the TML Executive Director or one of the Deputy Executive Directors. Permitted outside requests would include:
    • An event that does not conflict with a TML-sponsored event on a similar topic or for a similar audience within 60 days of TML’'s event.
    • A state organization’'s event may be considered for listing if the other organization is willing to reciprocate by listing or linking to TML events on its site.
    • Affiliate events that are not TML-sponsored. These may be listed in the special area of the TML Calendar set aside for these events, as long as they do not conflict with a similar TML event and are listed no more than two years in advance.

Non-Government Entities

Persons from non-government entities wishing to post an event must be employed by an entity that is a current TML Associate member or current TML Annual Conference exhibitor or sponsor in good standing. Information regarding opportunities for becoming active in TML is available under Advertising on this website.


The Texas Municipal League reserves the right to deny any posting requests.