Member Contact Usage Guidelines

On a limited basis, select member contact information may be shared with the private sector when a communication is deemed relevant and necessary by TML to a specific membership segment. A communication will not be deemed relevant and necessary unless, at a minimum, the communication is in response to an emergency situation or time-sensitive legislative issue. 

The circumstances under which member information may be shared with a private sector third party to facilitate communications are determined by TML and formed on a case-by-case basis after considering the following questions. 

  • Is the content relevant to municipal government in Texas? 
  • Has the appropriate audience been determined and identified?
  • Has the content been reviewed and approved by TML staff?
  • When and how often should the information be shared?
  • Is there a conspicuous option for recipients to opt-out of any additional contact from the send?
  • What are the consequences for violating the agreed-upon usage guidelines? 

Members should contact TML if they have any concerns about data-abuse by a third party.