Who is required to complete disaster management training?

An appointed public officer of a city who has management or supervisory responsibility and: (1) whose position description, job duties, or assignment includes emergency management responsibilities or (2) who plays a role in emergency preparedness, response, or recovery is required to take a three-hour training on emergency management.  See Tex. Government Code §§418.005(a) and (b).  The League has interpreted this provision to mean that police chiefs and marshals, as well as a fire chief whose office is created by a home rule charter, should take the training. Other fire chiefs may also wish to take the training out of abundance of caution or after consultation with the city attorney. Any other city officer should take the training if his or her position is created by a home rule charter and has specific emergency management duties as part of the job description.  The training must be completed before the 180th day after the public officer takes the oath of office, if required, or when the person assumes his or her responsibilities as a public officer.  See id. at §418.005(b).The mayor or the person serving as the emergency management coordinator is also required to complete disaster management training. Id. §§418.101(b) and 418.1015(c). 

Additionally, city personnel with a direct role in emergency preparedness, incident management or response are required to complete certain NIMS training depending on their incident command system role. 37 TAC §7.12.

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