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TML Annual Conference CEU Form

  1. Receive CEU Credits*
  2. Sessions
    CEUs for each session are based on the posted TML conference agenda, although some recorded sessions may run longer or shorter than the time allotted.
  3. Leadership Is a Gift
  4. Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update: What You Need to Know
  5. Parks and Recreation: The Key to Rebounding and Rebuilding of Community
  6. Retail Trends Post Covid-19
  7. The Role of Technology in Cities' Response to COVID-19
  8. Creating Opportunity for All Texas: A Playbook for Post COVID-19 Resilience
  9. Hotels Are Your Partners in Economic Recovery
  10. Family Violence: What You Need to Know
  11. Texas Different Improving Policing in Texas While Building Up and Encouraging Those Who Serve Our Communities with Honor
  12. A Public Works Response to COVID-19 (Texas Chapter of American Public Works)
  13. Rebuilding Local Economies: Tools and Strategies for Economic Growth Post-COVID-19
  14. The Key to Your Success
  15. Texas City Management Association’s 2020 City Council of the Year: City of Deer Park
  16. Inclusive Leadership: Finding the Power of Your Authentic Voice
  17. Emerge Stronger: Cultivating Vibrant Communities and Local Economies with the Resources You Have
  18. Lessons Learned about Working Remotely and Serving Cities
  19. The 3 R’s of Resiliency
  20. Municipal Finance During a Pandemic: What Do Non-Financial Managers and Elected Officials Really Need to Know?
  21. The Virtualization of Planning and Development
  22. Outlook for 2021 Texas Legislative Session
  23. Shaping our State’s Future
  24. Legal Q&A
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  26. *This form is for elected officials participating in the Texas Municipal League Institute (TMLI) program. Please use the pdf version to submit credits to other organizations.
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