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Texas Municipal League Annual Conference Speaker Information

  1. Annual Conference Session Details (due by July 28)

    Thank you for agreeing to speak at the Texas Municipal League Annual Conference and Exhibition in Dallas, taking place 
    October 4-6 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. 

    Please complete and submit the information below by Friday, July 28. If you have any questions, contact Heather Ford at or 512-231-7400.

  2. Speaker Name/Information
  3. Key Contact
    Is there a key contact who should be copied on all TML speaker communications?
  4. Concurrent Session Title and Description

    If you have not already provided a session title and brief description (1-2 sentences), please include that below.

  5. Speaker Introduction

    Provide a brief (one-to-two sentence) introduction. This will be used by your session moderator to introduce you.

  6. PowerPoint Presentation (due by September 1)*

    Will you be using a PowerPoint presentation? Be sure to email your PowerPoint by September 1 to

  7. Handouts (due by September 1)*

    Will you have handouts? Handouts will be posted online for conference attendees, and will not be printed. If you have handouts, please email them by September 1 to

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