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Member Resources

  1. 2019 TML Business Meeting
  2. 2022 TML Business Meeting
  3. Board Meeting Format December 4
  4. First Floor Conference Room Reservation Request Form

    Fill out this form to reserve the First Floor Conference Room. Your reservation isn't confirmed until you receive an email from Cathy... More…

  5. Tax and Debt Survey

    This is the official 2020 TML Annual Tax and Debt Survey. Please submit this form by February 7, 2020.

  6. TML Small Cities Advisory Council Interest Form
  7. TML Water and Wastewater Survey

    This is the official questionnaire for the 2024 TML Annual Water and Wastewater Survey. Please submit this form by March 29, 2024. If... More…

  1. 2021 TML Business Meeting
  2. 2023 TML Business Meeting
  3. City Membership Form
  4. Small Cities Scholarship Application Form
  5. TML Financial Boot Camp Application
  6. TML Small Talks Notes Form