Texas Municipal League On Demand

  1. Ethics and Integrity in City Government
  2. Breaking the Ice of Nice
  3. TML Budget and Tax Rate Webinar
  4. Build Effective City Council Relationships
  5. The 2020 Census and Population Change in Texas and Our Cities (Free)
  6. Property Tax Rate Setting Process for Cities
  7. Six Practical Tools for Resilience in Difficult Times
  8. TML Crisis, Pivot, and Lead for Elected City Officials
  9. Cultivating Community Capital, One Building at a Time
  10. New Texas Laws and Your City- Small Cell Update: How’s It Going?
  11. New Texas Laws and Your City- Open Meetings Update: Walking Quorums, Public Comment, and More
  12. New Texas Laws and Your City- Disaster Response: What You Need to Know
  13. New Texas Laws and Your City - Annexation: What’s Left?
  14. HOT 101: Introduction to the Hotel Occupancy Tax
  15. Oil and Gas Development in Town: How Does House Bill 40 Set the Rules? (Free)
  16. Can I Delete This Facebook Post? (Free)
  17. Time Management Secrets for the Overworked and Overwhelmed (Free)
  18. Social Media and Your City: Possibilities, Policies, and Pitfalls (Free)
  19. Make Your Presentations Memorable (Free)
  20. 2017 Retail Trends and How to Develop a Retail Recruitment Strategy (Free)
  21. The Six Secrets to Construction Success (Free)
  22. Weeding Out Bad Employees: Random Drug Testing and Cities (Free)
  23. HB 40: What the Oil and Gas Bill Means for Cities (Free)
  24. Retail Follows Rooftops: Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Population Growth (Free)
  25. From Chaos to Collaboration: A New Paradigm for Public Engagement (Free)
  26. Town Halls: Building Dialogue - and More - With Citizens (Free)
  27. Municipal Regulation of Alcohol: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beerholder (Free)